Why Home Care

In home care is the most popular option chosen by the American public and, although there are many reasons to consider in home care, here are the top five:

20130215_1718511. Independence Matters –
During the course of in home care situations, patients are encouraged to be as independent as possible.  It is almost always a more positive and productive approach to provide care in the patients own home and after the home has been assessed and safety changes have been made (with the patient’s approval), it will be much easier to achieve the level of independence that patient’s desire.

2. Family/Friends Involvement –
Those who are cared for at home have the advantage of open visiting hours.  Family and friends can stop in as often as needed or desired without concerns of intruding on the care of others.  In times of illness, the presence of family members can boost a patient’s mood and ability to cope with sickness. Also family and friends can visit at the same time and enjoy one another’s company.

3. Continuity of Care –
As the owner/sole proprietor of All About You Caregiving, I will always be your primary caregiver.  Currently, my staff consists of 3-5 caregivers who all have a minimum of 15 (usually 20+) years of experience.

IMG_0094As the primary caregiver, I assess the client’s home for any possible safety hazards and discuss all the details with the client and family.  You also have the opportunity to assess me at this time and see how well I fit in with your family.  I am always in the picture as your primary caregiver even when I am not in your home.  I will provide one of my highly skilled caregivers to assist me during those times when I can not personally be in your home.  As I have discovered, my clients actually enjoy having some variety in their caregivers as it offers different experiences to the client.   Each caregiver has a unique way of interacting with clients but I also supervise all caregivers personally.

4. Safe and Personal –
Certain risks (such as the risk of infection) are reduced when a patient uses in home care.  The one-on-one care and personal attention always ensures that your loved one’s needs can be met immediately and effectively.

5. Lower Costs –
Most in home caregivers are less expensive than nursing homes or assisted living facilities.  With in home care, you have the option of hiring someone only for the hours when they are needed.  Lower costs also offers peace of mind to those seniors who are on a fixed income or who may be concerned about the financial burden to their family members.