photoAll About You Caregiving takes pride in providing a comprehensive range of services for our clients, and their families.  Our services include (but are not limited to):

Nutritious Meal Preparation –
The meals that All About You Caregiving provide are not only healthy, and nutritious but are also prepared specifically with the individual client’s needs in mind. We make it our priority to be aware of any food restrictions and/or preferences our clients have and work closely with dieticians to achieve the best tasting and highest quality meals possible.

We strive to prepare meals with foods grown organically and free of chemical additives.  All About You Caregiving also supports local community farmers by purchasing produce from them whenever possible. We also are very conscientious of the types of food along with certain traditions of foods that you may be partial to.  We are willing to learn and adjust to preparing the types of foods that you enjoy and will make you happy.

Medication Assistance –
All About You Caregiving provides assistance in helping our clients stay on top of their medication routines by keeping medications organized and assisting in IMG_0085prescription ordering/refilling and pickup.  We also understand the importance of keeping careful track of your medications so re-ordering or running out is never an issue.

Light  Cleaning –
Studies show that living in a tidy, organized home can produce a heightened sense of relaxation and peace.  All About You Caregiving also realizes that in many instances, the last thing you want to do is housework.  We can help.  Life is so much better with someone to assist you!

Laundry –
Keeping on top of laundry duties can be just as important as household cleaning.  There are few things that can lift the spirit more then slipping into a set of clean, fresh clothes or sleeping on a clean set of sheets. With the help of All About You Caregiving, having clean laundry will be one less thing our clients will have to worry about.

Medical Equipment –
All About You Caregiving
maintains an inventory of medical equipment that can be loaned to our clients at no extra charge.  If there is a particular piece of equipment that you need but do not have, All About You Caregiving will do our best to find it for you.IMG_0117

Bookkeeping –
We can assist our clients in keeping their bills paid, bank accounts in order and balanced properly and will also assist in compiling and organizing paperwork such as tax information.

Transportation –
The simple act of getting around can become more and more of a challenge to many of our clients.  At All About You Caregiving, we feel one of the most important services we offer is assistance getting our clients to and from important appointments and gatherings with friends and family.

All About You Caregiving is proud of the fact that we do not charge any additional fees (mileage or gasoline) to take our clients to local (within 5 miles or so) appointments (medial and/or social).  We want our clients to do as much as they feel they can and encourage them to have an active life style.

Pets –
We adore all pets and are very happy to assist with their needs as well.  Having a pet around can be a very positive addition to the satisfaction and contentment levels of our clients and they are as important to us as they are to you.